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The unique architecture of Gudauta

The unique architecture of Gudauta

In terms of architectural development, Gudauta is a truly special city. Here you can see not only modern complexes, but also buildings of the XIX-XX centuries, as well as the ruins of ancient structures owned by the princes of Abkhazia. Tourists will have to visit many interesting buildings in the city and in the vicinity: the railway station building, the music school building, an architectural ensemble on the seashore, the ruins of the Chachba-Shervashidze palace.

Gudauta parks, museums and theaters attract tourists with their originality and a huge choice of pastimes. Both adults and children will like such places.

  • B.Z. Gunba Park of Culture and Recreation

  • Museum-reserve "Abazgiya"

  • Palace of Culture

  • "Biscuit yard"

  • Gudauta market

  • Gudauta memorials and monuments

  • Sculptural compositions of Gudauta resort

  • Gudauta Winery

  • The factory was founded in 1953 as a private winery. Just a few years after the opening of the enterprise, the products produced became famous and wildly popular.